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Leading Quant-Based Automated Trading Software for NinjaTrader 8

We offer top-notch support, transparent pricing, and a free no-obligation Zoom demonstration of our automated trading software’s capabilities, so you can experience the difference for yourself! Hundreds of clients have used our automated trading systems and analytics tools. If you’re serious about investing in your trading business, whether as a prop trader or an independent trader, then request your Zoom demo today, and see how our unique trading solutions can add value to your investment portfolio! 

10 Reason to Use Pinnacle Quant

1) You save money, 2) 100% transparency & full control, 3) extensive money, risk, and trade management rules, 4) unique trading algorithm, 5) eliminates emotional trading mistakes, 6) automation frees up your time, 7) tax savings, 8) finds best days & times to trade particular instrument(s), 9) uses historical data & machine learning to get a statistical edge, and 10) takes advantage of event-driven trading opportunities. 

Why pay systematic funds and CTAs exorbitant quarterly fees, when all they’re doing is trading with automated trading software? Why not get the automated trading software yourself? At Pinnacle Quant, LLC, CTA, we give you the exact same quant-based automated trading software that we would’ve used to manage client money! Plus, it’s software, a tangible property, thus it becomes a depreciable expense on taxes.

Pinnacle Quant, LLC is a registered Commodity Trading Advisory firm that’s regulated by the CFTC (NFA ID #0516752). Request a no-obligation live Zoom demo of our unique trading software today. We look forward to serving you!

Who We Serve

Asset Managers

Prop Traders

Retail Traders

“Wealth hastily gotten will dwindle, but those who gather little by little will increase it.” – Proverbs 13:11

Raffi Sosikian, principal at Pinnacle Quant LLC, being interviewed by Matthias Knab of Opalesque TV while at the SALT conference in Las Vegas. 

“Discover for yourself if this unique professional grade trading system is a good fit for your trading (business) objectives. “

Raffi Sosikian, MBAPrincipal of Pinnacle Quant, LLC, CTA