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Pinnacle Quant, LLC is a boutique CTA that specializes in building systematic trading algorithms, and trading tools. Pinnacle Quant, LLC was established by its principal, Raffi Sosikian, on June 23rd of 2018. On October 2nd, 2018 Pinnacle Quant, LLC registered as a CTA (Commodity Trading Advisor) with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), and became a member of the National Futures Association (NFA). You can learn more about Raffi by watching his Opalesque TV interview, when he was interviewed by Matthias Knab while at the SALT conference.

Pinnacle Quant, LLC is a registered vendor with NinjaTrader®. Raffi has developed automated trading systems for the NinjaTrader® platform, including Price Action Harvester™ Automated, Market Volatility Harvester™, and AITPPropTrader™, as well as add-on indicators like Price Action Harvester™ and VRDataAnalyzer™. In addition to these, Raffi is a Python developer, specializing in machine learning tools. One such tool is AITrendPredictor™, a standalone terminal-based software that employs both machine learning and statistical analysis.

Pinnacle Quant, LLC is dedicated to building and deploying systematic trading solutions that can easily be customized and used by any trader. Pinnacle Quant, LLC caters to asset managers, family offices, RIAs, prop trading firms, and individual traders. Our goal is to cultivate long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our clients.

Raffi is a highly proficient software engineer, and enterprise architect. He has an MBA, holds a Series 3 license, and is an avid gardener. Raffi and his wife Betty have two children, and they live in Los Angeles (Sherwood Forest), CA.

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