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Affiliate Program
  • Generous 15% commission of final sale price of our trading software
  • High-ticket affiliate program
  • 90-day cookies
  • Get paid in 45 days via PayPal
  • Full transparency and tracking of your link clicks and earnings
  • No “pressure selling” 
  • Plenty of creatives for you to use
  • Leading quant-based automation software for NinjaTrader 8
  • Pinnacle Quant, LLC is regulated, and is registered with the CFTC
  • We support you, as your success is our success
  • You help people by introducing them to top notch automation

How Much Can I Potentially Earn?

The sky is the limit, and we offer generous commissions. For instance, the PriceActionPivoter™ Suite, Mach 14, is priced at $5,950. If you refer a Mach 14 client, your commission would be approximately $892.50, minus PayPal fees. How many potential clients can you refer in a week?

What Do I Need to Do to Earn Commissions?

Your task is simply to refer people to us; you’re not directly selling anything. You promote your tracked partner link, inviting them to request a free, no-obligation Zoom demonstration of our self-directed automated trading software’s capabilities. They can then decide if Pinnacle Quant’s advanced trading system suits their needs. If they decide to purchase one of our systems and become a client, you receive a 15% commission on the net sale. Your involvement is quite passive. For example, you can place your tracked partner link in the footer of your website, or use one of our approved creatives. You can also share your tracked partner link on any of your social media pages.

Pinnacle Quant, LLC is licensed and registered with the CFTC, and is a member of the NFA. Our trading system is 100% self-directed. Therefore, the client must select the instrument they wish to trade, select their broker, determine their R-factor (profit target vs. stop-loss ratio), specify the days and times they wish to trade, enter their money management parameters, choose their desired exit and “book-profit” parameters, and manage their trades on their own computer or VPS setup.

How Many People Are Trading?

As indicated by the statistics below (sourced from, with each chart linked to its source), Americans hold over 105,000,000 brokerage accounts with larger brokers. These figures do not include dozens of relatively smaller brokers, each housing between 50,000 and 500,000 accounts. As of 2021, there are approximately 129,000,000 households in America, suggesting that nearly every household has at least one brokerage account.

But how many of these account holders are actively trading? The estimate is around 15%, with the majority trading manually. The primary reason people abstain from trading is the lack of time to monitor markets daily due to work commitments.

However, the introduction of an automated trading system, where clients set parameters allowing the system to search for and manage trades based on their specified money management, entry, and exit rules, can be a significant advantage. Furthermore, clients don’t need to start with a large investment; they can begin with as little as $2,500 of excess capital, testing the waters to decide if this is a viable pursuit for them. There is no requirement to own or dedicate a computer to trading. They can rent a VPS (Virtual Private Server) – we recommend seven options – to run our automated trading system, and monitor their trades remotely via any smartphone. They can even set up alert notifications for more hands-on trade management.

How Are Referrals Tracked?

Referrals are tracked using a unique link assigned to you, which incorporates 90-day cookies. You can provide this link to potential clients, encouraging them to fill out a form to request a free, no-obligation Zoom demonstration of our self-directed trading software. Alternatively, if a client requests, you can complete the form on their behalf using the same tracked link.

If the potential client purchases the self-directed trading software within 90 days from the day they completed the Zoom demo request form, you will receive your commission. Statistics show that approximately 60% of attendees purchase the software within one week of the Zoom demo. However, it’s important to note that after 30 days without a purchase post-demo, the likelihood of a sale occurring drops significantly.

Please be aware that all client registrations must be completed online, ensuring 100% tracking accuracy. We do not accept phone orders. Our order process directs to PayPal, and upon payment, clients are redirected back to our site to log in, download their trading software, access software documentation, and view our easy-to-follow tutorials (although most clients find these unnecessary as everything is explained during the Zoom demo).

For more details on the partner agreement, you can click here or access the Partner Agreement link located at the bottom of each page on our site.

How Can I Promote My Unique Tracked Link?

There are numerous ways to promote your unique tracked link. For instance, if you have followers on YouTube, X, Facebook, or if you run a trading room where you coach traders, simply using PriceActionPivoter™ and the market forecasting software MLPriceMapper™ during your sessions can be very effective. As people observe your success with the software, it is likely to generate interest and sales on its own.

Additionally, you can find various creatives in your Pinnacle Quant partner control panel. A video showcasing some of these creatives is available for viewing in the control panel. Beyond adding creatives to your site or blog, you have the option to place your link in the bio of your social media profiles or in Facebook Groups where you are an admin. Creating content on platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram, and mentioning your link in these videos is another effective strategy. You also have the option to advertise your unique tracked link on Google, social media, or various ad networks.

Understanding your clients’ needs is crucial. If you believe your clients could benefit from Pinnacle Quant’s sophisticated automated trading systems, you can reach out to them directly via phone or email (please ensure you have their permission to avoid spam) and suggest they attend the free no-obligation Zoom demo. The key advantage of automation in day trading is the minimal time investment required from the client. They simply need to set up their preferred parameters, select their instrument(s), choose their broker, and let the system handle the trading based on their preferred risk/reward ratio.

That’s all there is to it! We handle everything else, including explaining how the self-directed software works, demonstrating its capabilities to potential clients, facilitating their online sign-up process, supporting and updating the trading software, and answering any questions they may have.

Can I Get a Demo of Your Software Before I Refer People?

Yes, absolutely! You want to know what it is that you will be referring, which means you care about people, and that is a great thing! You can request a free, no obligation demo here.

What Can I Do in the Partner Control Panel?

Please watch the below short video that will provide you a tour of your partner control panel, where you can see details of your referrals, payouts, creatives, and more.

Affiliate Program Application Process

Within 48 hours you will receive a response from Raffi directly. Most applications will get accepted, as long as Raffi does not see a marketing or legal conflict in working with you. If you’re accepted, in the welcome email you will receive a link to a page where you will need to pick your username and password, so that you can access your partner program backend / control panel area. 

Affiliate Program Application

    Where Will You Promote Your Partner Link (provide all that apply)?:

    Raffi Sosikian, principal at Pinnacle Quant LLC, being interviewed by Matthias Knab of Opalesque TV while at the SALT conference in Las Vegas. 

    Over 90% of manual traders lose money within 2 years. Our unique quant-based automated trading software helps traders manage money and risk in a much more efficient manner, uses quant-based automation, provides accurate backtests, and eliminates emotional trading mistakes. Why not help traders, advisors, and family offices by offering them the leading quant-based automated trading system for the NinjaTrader platform, and in doing so earn commissions for it? I will do all that I can to help you succeed. If you succeed, we succeed!

    Raffi Sosikian, MBAPrincipal @ Pinnacle Quant, LLC, CTA