Why Choose Pinnacle Quant?

Commitment to our Clients

At Pinnacle Quant we place tremendous emphasis on results. Our clients compensate us strictly based on our performance; no extras on commissions, no management fees. So if we don’t produce, we don’t eat.

Pursuit of Perfection

Not all trading algos are the same. For nearly three years, we painstakingly coded and tested everything in our system to deliver the best possible service to our clients. Now we stand ready for our clients to put us to the test. 

Give Us A Test Run

Start with our minimum. See if our system will be met with your satisfaction. If yes, excellent, at your choosing you can put more skin in the game. If not, walk away. We have no commitment requirements, and no lock-up period.

Rules of Engagement

How To Get Started

1. We will get you a Disclosure Document and an Advisory Agreement. You will need to read and agree to those.

2. You must set-up or already have an Interactive Brokers (InteractiveBrokers.com) trading account. We can help you set-up an Interactive Brokers account if you don’t already have one or would rather set-up a second account just for us. If you already have an account that you would like for us to trade, you have to click on a link that you will receive via email to confirm that you would like Pinnacle Quant, LLC, CTA to manage your trading account.

3. Interactive Brokers will provide you with forms that will need your agreement before we can proceed, including things like our limited power of attorney to trade on your behalf, and our monthly invoice billing method that will only be applied to any new profits we generate for your account above any previous month’s ending net asset value (the high-water mark).

4. You provide the Username/Password credentials of your Interactive Brokers trading account to us, as we will need it to trade your account via our trading software, which needs a username and password. Note, Account ID is different than your Username. You do NOT provide your pin number to us. No cash transactions, withdrawals or deposits, can be made without that pin, which is administered by Interactive Brokers via their smartphone app, “IB Key.” Every time you login to your account management screen, Interactive Brokers will ask you to login to your account via a pin number you select in the “IB Key” app (available for all platforms iOS, Android etc).

5. To reiterate, we cannot transfer funds in to or out of your Interactive Brokers account, only you can do that. Interactive Brokers has a three-step authorization process where they require you to have a security pin number that you will need to enter into your phone using their security app called “IB Key” in order for you to add funds into your account or for you to transfer funds out of your account. Since we will NOT have your pin number, nor would we accept it even if you tried to give it to us, we can *ONLY* trade for you with the Interactive Brokers credentials you provide us.

6. We trade the E-mini S&P 500 futures for you and make the same trades for you as we do for our own trading account; see your Disclosure Document and Advisory Agreement for further details with respect to trade entries, exits, and pricing.

7. At the end of the month, if the ending net asset value in your account is greater than any previous month’s ending net asset value (the high-water mark), then you would pay the incentive fee on our performance noted in your agreement with us.

8. Pinnacle Quant, LLC is a registered Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA), and a member of the National Futures Association, which is designated by the CFTC (cftc.gov) as a registered futures association.


Only The Best Systems Survive

Our trading system has no ego, no emotions; it’s sole purpose is to deliver the highest possible returns we can deliver for each trade.* The proof is in the pudding. Trades don’t lie, but if you’re still not sure, that’s okay – take your time – trust, but verify. Start with our minimum account size and give it a try. If you like our results, you can always add more funds later, assuming we are still accepting new funds at that time. We think you will really like the results:) Nonetheless, always remember that all futures trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors. Past results are not necessarily indicative of future results.