40% Commission + Get Price Action Harvester™ Automated for FREE
Your Incentives
  • 40% commission of final sale price
  • FREE Price Action Harvester™ Automated license for as long as at least one of your referrals has an active account in our system.
  • 90-day cookies
  • Get paid in 45 days via PayPal
  • Login to partner program backend for full transparency of your link clicks and earnings
  • See Partner Terms for details
How to Promote Your Link

There are several ways you can promote your custom tracked link. You can place your link in the bio of your social media profiles, you can include your link in your social media posts, make a YouTube video and mention your link in your video, as well as post that link in your video’s description, make a post on your blog with your link, or post your tracked link somewhere on your website. (Of course, spamming, especially via email, is a big no-no). That’s it. That’s all you need to do! We take care of everything else; including explaining how the Price Action Harvester™ Automated software works, demonstrating it to potential clients, facilitating their sign-up process, supporting/updating the trading software, and more. 

What You Will Promote

Price Action Harvester™ Automated Mach 8 (price is $790/year), and Price Action Harvester™ Automated Mach 9 (price is $4,995 for lifetime license). Market Volatility Harvester™ is not part of the Partner Program. For example, you would get 40% of $790, which is $316 or 40% of $4,995, which is $1,988!

Partner Program Application

Here’s how to qualify for our Partner Program (and how to get Price Action Harvester™ Automated Potentially For FREE):

1) Complete the Partner Application Form below.
2) If accepted as a partner (an independent affiliate), you will receive an email where you can pick your own custom partner link.
3) Promote that partner link on your bio on at least one of these social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, StockTwits. Alternatively, if you have your own website listed on the bio of your social media channel(s), then your Pinnacle Quant, LLC partner link will need to be listed on the homepage of your site.
4) If you refer at least one client to us (other than yourself), you will get Price Action Harvester™ Automated from that point forward for FREE.

Application Process

Within 24 hours you will receive either an acceptance or rejection email. Please don’t get upset if you get rejected. We try to accept most applications, but if we feel there is a conflict of interest, or that you don’t have any means of promoting your link, then unfortunately, we won’t be able to accept your application. However, if you’re accepted, you will receive a link to a page where you will need to pick your affiliate username and password, and be given access to your partner program backend area. Within 24 hours of you refer one paying client to us, in addition to your 40% commission (payable within 45 days), you will get a FREE license to Price Action Harvester™ Automated. 

Partner Application Form

    Provide All Where You Will Promote Your Partner Link:

    *Please note, your partner link must be in your bio or homepage of your site