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Please Note: You will need NinjaTrader Desktop to use Price Action Pivoter. Although Price Action Pivoter is designed primarily for ES (E-mini S&P 500 Futures), there is no restriction to use it on any other futures instrument. However, price action when combined with our unique pivot point strategy tends to work relatively better with index futures such as ES; in fact, during your backtests you will likely notice it works well with NQ too, but Raffi designed it primarily with ES in mind . Price Action Pivoter also provides money management, trade management, and risk management automation. You can set your money management, trade management, and risk and reward parameters and let our unique system manage the entire trading process for you! Moreover, Price Action Pivoter includes a unique trailing peak threshold logic, which is ideal for Prop Traders. This feature is designed to potentially secure unrealized profits near peak prices since most prop trading firms calculate DD (drawdown) from the peak price of unrealized profits for each trade. You can learn more about Raffi’s background from his Opalesque TV interview with Matthias Knab, which is available here. Pinnacle Quant, LLC is a registered vendor and programmer with NinjaTraderEcosystem

Here’s a list of what you need to use the PriceActionPivoter™:
Windows 10 or higher
Internet connection
NinjaTrader 8 (free download here)
4) Market data – such as NinjaTrader Brokerage, Interactive Brokers, TD Ameritrade, Kinetick, Rithmic, Coinbase, FXCM, CQG etc. If you don’t have market data, on a temporary basis, you can obtain free live market data from NinjaTrader.
5) If you’d like to run NinjaTrader and Price Action Pivoter on a VPS (Virtual Private Server – meaning a hosted solution as opposed to your computer) let us know and we can make some referrals for you that specialize in NinjaTrader hosting. 

♦ Pinnacle Quant, LLC is a registered NinjaTrader vendor, and is listed in the NinjaTrader Ecosystem.

♦ Per CNBC, since 2019 80% of the stock market is on autopilot. Don’t trade manually against bots; doing so means your long-term chances of success are very low. Instead, use our unique quant based automated trading system and give yourself an edge. 


Can I trade Mach 13 paid trial package with live cash?

Yes you can, as long as you have a paid NinjaTrader license, and you’re connected to a brokerage (NinjaTrader Brokerage, Interactive Brokers etc). In fact, you can do everything with Mach 13 that you can do with Mach 14. We just want you to be 100% happy with Mach 13 and use it for 3 days on a trial basis before you purchase the one year license for Mach 14.

Can I try Mach 13 without a NinjaTrader license?

Yes! You can try Mach 13 on the free version of NinjaTrader 8 Desktop. However, you will need this SIM key: @SIM-A82F-D583-40B1-AE74-B79F-705D-1952. With this SIM key, you can run backtests, and even trade live using a SIM (not real cash) account. If you like Price Action Harvester™ at Mach 13, you can then purchase a license from NinjaTrader so you can trade live cash, as well as upgrade to Mach 14.

Why do you only accept PayPal for Mach 13 and Mach 14?

We only accept PayPal because for two reasons: 1) Ease of use and convenience, and 2)
PayPal is widely recognized for its robust security measures. By using PayPal, we ensure that all transactions are processed through a secure, encrypted platform, protecting both our customers and our business from fraud and unauthorized transactions.

Is three days Enough to determine if this automated trading system for NinjaTrader is a good fit for me?

Yes! In fact, you should be able to determine if this is a good fit within a couple of hours. It takes a couple of minutes to run backtests for as many years as you would like, we then expect you to go through the chart and the analytics to see if this automated trading system fits your trading style. 

Can I trade futures instruments other than ES?

Yes, we have no restrictions on the futures instrument. Price Action Pivoter™ is a self-directed automated trading system so you can select whatever futures instrument you wish. However, Price Action Pivoter™ was built around strategies that have worked on ES. Try it with ES and see if it is what you’ve been looking for.

Is Mach 14 an annual fee or a one-time fee for a 12-month lease?

Mach 14 is not a recurring fee, it is not an annual fee, it is a one-time fee that you pay to lease the Price Action Pivoter™ system for 12 months. You can opt to pay for it each year as your license gets close to running out so you can have continuous use if you so choose, but you will need to login to your control panel in and pay for it yourself via PayPal. 

Is There a lifetime license option?

Assuming you have already used Price Action Pivoter™ and you have confirmed it is a good fit for your trading style, contact us for the lifetime license option. Our contact email address will be emailed to you when you order either the Mach 13 (paid trial) or Mach 14 option.

What's the difference between Price Action Pivoter™ and some of your other automated trading systems?

Price Action Pivoter™ is designed primarily for ES, as the price action strategy and pivot point analysis used in the Price Action Pivoter™ strategy has historically shown to work well on ES. So it is a very good fit for ES traders. Moreover, it is easier to use than some of our other automated trading systems, which are also great, but take a bit more time in understanding how all of the advanced features work.

Are you a registered vendor with NinjaTrader Ecosystem?

Yes, we are listed on the 

Did you develop Price Action Pivoter™ or did you have it built for you like other NinjaTrader Ecosystem vendors?

Raffi Sosikian, the principal of Pinnacle Quant, LLC, is the sole developer of all of our trading software, including Price Action Pivoter™. Raffi is listed as one of the programmers that are available for hire directly on the site. In fact, other NinjaTrader Ecosystem vendors have contacted Raffi to help them develop their trading systems that are for sale on Moreover, unlike many other NinjaTrader Ecosystem vendors, our firm is also a licensed and registered Commodity Trading Advisor; here is our NFA #: 0516752. 

Assuming I like the Mach 13 trial, how do I upgrade to Mach 14?

God willing you will love using Price Action Pivoter™ and if you decide to upgrade to Mach 14 you can do so by logging into your account by clicking on “Customer Login” on the top right corner of the menu, login, and then click on the “upgrade” button, which will take you to another page where you can confirm your contact information, and when you click on the “upgrade subscription” button you will be taken to PayPal to pay for Mach 14. Upon making payment via PayPal you will automatically be returned back to your account so you can download the Mach 14 version of Price Action Pivoter™.



How can I print an invoice for both Mach 13 and Mach 14 for tax purposes?

You can print a paid invoice directly from your login area. Simply click on “Customer Login” on the top right corner of the menu, login, scroll down to click on the “Payments & Invoices” link and print out a copy of your paid invoice(s). 

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