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Advanced Custom Trading Systems
  1. Pinnacle Quant, LLC is a licensed and registered Commodity Trading Advisory firm – NFA # 0516752
  2. Our principal, Raffi Sosikian, is a seasoned software engineer with over 22 years of trading experience.
  3. We’ve served over 200 clients.
  4. Strong proficiency in Python (including AI/machine learning & statistical modeling), NinjaScript, and C#.
  5. Quantitate solutions, algo development, and unique automated trading systems that include detailed backtest metrics.
  6. Expert API Integration, particularly with Interactive Brokers (Ticker: $IBKR): Leverage our deep understanding of APIs to seamlessly connect your custom trading solutions with Interactive Brokers, ensuring efficient and robust trading system performance tailored to your specific needs.
  7. Tell us your desired metrics, and we will build a system that will meet or exceed your metrics (as long as they’re realistic).
  8. Continued support and maintenance.
  9. We only work on projects where we feel we can make a significant difference in the client’s bottom line.
  10. 100% confidential, including NDA and non-compete.
  11. Save hundreds of thousands of dollars per year versus employing your own in-house team of senior engineers!

Who We Serve

Hedge Funds

Family Offices


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    “This is a very competitive industry. Never let NIH (not invented here) hinder your growth. I look forward to talking with you!”

    Raffi Sosikian, MBAPrincipal of Pinnacle Quant, LLC, CTA