Price Action Stats – Last 15 Fridays – From 6:30A PST to 7:30A PST | Generated by Stats Harvester™ for NinjaTrader 8

Past Stats For: $FB $MSFT $ROKU $SQ

Based on The Last 15 Fridays

Price Action Stats Between 6:30A PST to 7:30A PST (9:30A EST to 10:30A EST)

Generated by: Stats Harvester™ for NinjaTrader  | Discover Which Day Trades To Take & Which To Avoid

History Repeats Itself. Use Historical Price Action Stats to Select Best Trades –>

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% Up↑ 33.33 46.67 26.67 20
% Down↓ 66.67 53.33 73.33 80
MaxUp↑ 10.43 2.59 15.73 9.64
MaxDown↓ -9.77 -7.13 -7.69 -10.28
MinUp↑ 0.45 0.02 5.56 2.02
MinDown↓ -0.35 -0.35 -0.35 -0.37
AvgUp↑ 3.68 1.64 10.13 5.78
AvgDown↓ -3.31 -1.87 -3.08 -3.13
Σ Mean -0.976 -0.233 0.443 -1.35
1 SD 4.74 2.38 6.6 4.85
2 SD 9.48 4.75 13.2 9.7
3 SD 14.22 7.13 19.8 14.55
See All Price Action Stats For: FB MSFT ROKU SQ

Note: flat price is ignored. Stocks/ETFs calculated in whole points, futures in whole ticks, currencies min tick size. Please see Stats Harvester for all price action stats for every time frame.

How to Apply Stats Harvester™ to Pick Higher Win Rate Trades & Realistic Price Targets/Stops Based on Past Price Action Stats. 

Master Your Trade Selection Process

Pinnacle Quant, LLC strongly believes trading properly involves basing your trade selection on a statistical foundation, i.e. past price action statistics, that you can easily uncover with a tool such as Stats Harvester™ for NinjaTrader, then adding framing, e.g. supporting indicators such as trend line, RSI etc. to your foundation, as discussed in this YouTube Stats Harvester™ tutorial that goes into great detail explaining how you can easily incorporate Stats Harvester™ in your daily trade selection process, to give yourself a statistical edge based on past price action stats with each trade you make. The numbers and the statistics don’t lie. Learn which potential day trades to take, which potential day trades to ignore (this alone may make a huge difference to your profit per day goal), and which markets to trade; meaning which particular stocks, currencies, and/or futures to trade, to potentially achieve your profit per trade, and profit per day goals.

Price action stats are monitored, recorded, and used by hedge funds around the world who spend millions of dollars on this data and data analysis each year. Isn’t it time you used it to help your trading too? Even small firms run by money managers and wealth advisors use data tools such as the Bloomberg Terminal where they pay tens of thousands of dollars each year so they can garner some sort of statistical trading advantage for themselves, and their clients. Why shouldn’t you put past statistical data in your favor too? Plus, we at Pinnacle Quant can help you do so at tiny fraction of the cost! If you’ve ever felt that “Mr. Market” is somehow out to get you to lose your money, or is out to stop hunt your trade, ask yourself, did you ever check the historical price action stats before you entered those trades? Know your stats, and give yourself a statistical edge based on past price action stats!

Some, who are clearly not quantitative traders, erroneously say that historical price action stats don’t matter, that each trade has a 50-50 chance of success. Though technically true, that is a silly argument to make in discrediting historical price action stats, because every event in the future that has a yes or no outcome, either a 1 or 0 answer, has a 50% chance of coming to fruition! We each have a 50% chance of waking up tomorrow morning; we may wake up, and we may not, but the probability of us waking up is based on our historical actions (how we’ve taken care of ourselves), our age, our genetics, and that historical data gives us a clear probability of the potential outcome of us waking up the next day. This is how life insurance companies place bets when they underwrite policies. Furthermore, if historical actions didn’t matter, why do lenders pull our credit reports before lending to us? It is because our past actions display a probable outcome in the future. Using historical price action stats, like Stats Harvester™, which provides clear statistics on all markets, whether it’s stocks, futures, or currencies, and breaks down price movement by particular days, as well as time frames, to clearly identify best possible trades to take based in past price movement, gives every day trader and scalper a clear statistical edge based on past price movement.

If you’re happy with your trading results, then there is no reason for you to try anything new; so more power to you. However, if you have been jumping from one non-statistical indicator, to another, and have yet to realize any significant increase to your trading account, then take a strong look at Stats Harvester™. We believe once you start utilizing Stats Harvester™ in your trading process, you will never stop using it.

Pinnacle Quant, LLC is a Commodity Trading Advisor and a registered vendor with NinjaTrader®.

*Price action stats posts are the sole property of Pinnacle Quant, LLC and the information provided is for informational and educational purposes only. This information is not a solicitation or recommendation to buy or sell any security, futures, or foreign exchange contract. Futures trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors.

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